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After much consideration, due to life altering events, we have decided to place all of our cats and stop breeding. Please visit my Himalayans page to see what I have, and send an email to archadtz@gmail.com if you are interested in our of our babies for your family




Welcome to Archadtz...

Archadtz consists of dedicated people looking out for the best interests of our cats and of the Himalayan and Persian breeds.

We are CFA and ACFA registered.  We are also members of:

Manitoba Cat Club
Atlantic Himalayan Club
Prairie Feline Fanciers
ACFA Himalayan Breed Committee Member

We are also a PKD aware and tested facility. All of our cats are tested via DNA test for PKD. To read about this test, please visit the PKD page.


Here are some of the kittens we currently have available, to see more, click here


Here are just a few of the babies we have produced here that have made us proud!


     GC RW - Chocolate Point - 2nd Best Cat                                        Ginny - seal point         
in ACFA NP Region!                                                                    


GC Pigpen - flame point                                                  Rigel - lilac point (pictured @ 6m)

GC Cairo - dilute calico                                                   CH , RW Cutie - seal point

               CH Dreamy - blue point                                                 CH  Jackie Chan - Seal Point                 

Wicket - seal point (now showing in South Korea)                        CH,RW Surprize - seal point                        

Winston - flame point                                                        GC, RW Cedric - blue                           

Kahlua - chocolate point                             CH, RW Snowdome - Odd-eyed white        


Introducing our newest home-bred GRAND CHAMPION:

GC, RW Archadtz Kahlua on the Rox
2 Show Grand!
2nd Best Cat in the ACFA NP Region 2011-2012 show season



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